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The Coronavirus 19:-

  • The proper diagnosis of any disease and quickly helps in the recovery and treatment of patients before the development of symptoms.
  • The virus basically attacks red blood cells (hemoglobin) which makes blood cells unable to transfer oxygen to the lung and other organs
  • Thus reduces the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and removes and replaces iron ions from hemoglobin.
    (Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lung to all organs of the body and return carbon dioxide to the lung for disposal and replacement with oxygen.
  • Treatment protocols that include malaria drugs are not wrong because they are aimed at inhibiting the activity of the virus within the body and also doctors review the condition of patients to evaluate hemoglobin in the blood for treatment with blood plasma and this has already been confirmed by studies in many countries
Research and studies are still discovering more about the characteristics of the new coronavirus, which has infected more than 2 million people worldwide and causes severe pneumonia for patients, but the results of infections and deaths of more than 200,000 have led scientists to consider another coronaattack against human body cells. The results of a Chinese study, still under scientific review by Chinese researchers, revealed that the SARS-Cove 2 virus attacks hemoglobin in red blood cells through a series of cellular procedures that make red blood cells ultimately unable to transport oxygen to the lungs, according to the “ChemRxiv” scientific research platform.
What is the mechanism of hemoglobin working?
To understand how coronavirus affects blood cells, within red blood cells there is a molecule called hemoglobin, which consists of 4 subs: beta-2, alpha 2, each subunit with iron-bound heme, heme groups, and each heme group is a molecular “ring”. Known as “porvirin”, which carries iron ions, ions (FE) help transport oxygen into the bloodstream, red blood cells usually pick up oxygen from the lungs to deliver it to different cells of the body, so red blood cells are oxygen carriers.
Steps of the coronavirus within the body
According to the study conducted by two researchers from China, Dr. Wen Zhongliu of Sichuan University and Dr. Hulan Li of Yibin University, the RNA of the Coronavirus symbolizes a number of non-structural proteins created during the replication process, these proteins are not part of the formation of the virus itself, but they contribute to facilitating the cellular pathway for corona survival within the human body. The results revealed that some of these proteins help to reduce hemoglobin in the blood, removing and replacing iron ions from heme groups, making red blood cells unable to transport oxygen to the lung and other organs. After several cases, which have fewer hemoglobin in the blood, virologists explain that there are steps followed by the virus within the body, first associated with porphyrin, which attacks hemoglobin beta 1 series of hemoglobin, which removes iron in the heme, the results of these steps are reduced in the amount of hemoglobin, oxygen disintegration, and carbon dioxide accumulation.
How does coronavirus affect hemoglobin?
The scientific journal Hematology transfusion and cell therapy, the results of four individual studies, published by researchers from the University of Verona of Italy, conducted on blood tests for patients of Covid 19, in moderate and critical cases, and revealed the results of studies of the lack of homogeneity in the average values of hemoglobin among patients, affected Coved 19 is severely sour, with hemoglobin being significantly lower in severe symptoms of MERS-CoV, with an average of 7.1 g/dl: 5.9 g/dl, while the normal hemoglobin is 13.5:17.5 g/dl.
What’s the risk to people with blood diseases?
According to the results of these studies, Dr. Mohammed al-Maliki, professor of pediatrics and hematology at Zagazig University, commented: “Blood patients are among the most at risk of contracting MERS-CoV because of the difficulty of spleen shaving and pumping blood in emergency situations,” noting that in normal cases these patients are at risk of infection, and the situation is increasingly difficult for them with the CORONA virus.
Does the CBC test reveal Coved 19?
Al-Maliki explained that the full blood image test (CBC)” reveals the number of lymphocytes and the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood, and the number of white blood cells, and that the test probably does not confirm the infection of Cofed 19, noting that it is likely to be known by disrupting the number of lymphocytes against white blood cells.
Are treatment protocols wrong?
Coronavirus can attack ace2 receptors in lung tissue, causing damage, with the accumulation of cytokine storms leading to more damage, and scientists believe that the body of patients will be unable to obtain oxygen and with the accumulation of carbon dioxide, ards symptoms occur, suggesting that current treatment protocols in countries around the world, may be wrong, and explains to scientists that even with the improper use of ventilation devices can exacerbate symptoms. The professor of hematology emphasizes that the protocols of treatment in which malaria drugs are included are not wrong, because they are intended to inhibit the activity of the virus within the body, but because of these studies it is possible for doctors to review the condition of infected patients, to evaluate hemoglobin in the blood, and to give patients blood-packed cysts to prevent the development of covid 19 and then death, which has already been confirmed by Italian studies